Delegate and Eco-Delegate Projects

Issue 51: 26/1/2024 From the Principal

For this week’s newsletter, we’d like to highlight the remarkable projects of the Cycle 3 delegates and eco-delegates at Jardine’s campus.

Morgan Ranger, CM1A teacher, is the driving force behind the initiative undertaken with the delegates, accompanying their reflection aimed at reorganising recess time.

In fact, under his supervision, the delegates meet every 15 days during lunchtime to put forward proposals. Last week, they met with campus management to present their work and draw up a set of specifications for implementing their proposals. As a result, from February onwards, Cycle 3 students will have access to new areas and activities during break times.

The eco-delegates are not to be outdone. Guided by Eve Mazuir, CM2A teacher, they also meet every 15 days during their lunch break.

In this way, they propose that a global reflection be carried out on the campus to reduce waste. The first stage of their project is to measure the amount of waste thrown away each day in all class areas, and to communicate this data to all students.

The week was also marked by assemblies bringing together all classes from CP/Y2 to CM2/Y6, to present the system set up in the canteens to sort waste and collect it for composting, which will be used in the gardening areas.

Meriem Belhadj
Directrice des campus et enseignements du primaire (Filière française) | Principal of Primary Campuses and Studies (French Stream)