The Spirit of Competition

Issue 51: 26/1/2024 From the Principal

Since Wednesday 24th January, we’ve been welcoming teams from French high schools all over the Asia-Pacific region to the TKO campus. The competition is fierce, and everyone is giving their all to help their team win!

This gives us an opportunity to reflect on the spirit of competition: “It’s about a team capable of transcending itself and giving its all to win, but also to share. In sport, victory is about a group within which the feeling of belonging is as important, if not more important, than the trophy.”

This definition applies today to our students and their competitors, because for the past 2 days, victory has not been an end in itself.

Whether they are players or supporters, the most important thing is to give the best of yourself, to commit to your team, and to share good times on and off the pitch with your opponents in a spirit of fair play.

At the end of the competition, all the teams will have gained in moments of rich emotion, encounters, fervour and memories.

Marion Coupat
Principal of Secondary Campuses and Studies (French Stream)