Issue 69: 28/6/2024

Dear FIS Community,

These last few weeks, the school’s walls resounded with end-of-year shows and celebrations where students’ learning was on display. The CM2 / Year 6 graduations were the opportunity to celebrate our primary students’ growth and readiness to embrace the opportunities and challenges of their secondary education. In parallel, our French Stream Terminales students made us proud with truly outstanding results (100% pass, 100% mentions, including 68% mentions Très Bien, highest honors). Because of the calendar, it is too early unfortunately to salute the successes of our International Baccalaureate graduates.

As time has come for me to depart FIS, all of this encapsulates why I do so with a sense of privilege and pride: The privilege of having been part of this extraordinarily diverse and engaged community, leading our talented and supportive team in their daily work in service of our spirited and confident students;  The pride of seeing the school well on it way to progress in the strategic objectives laid our during my first year.

Most of all, I am grateful for these two years among you in Hong Kong. Grateful to the Board of Directors for its trust and support, to my leadership team for its unwavering vision and professionalism, to FIS faculty and staff for its daily commitment to our students, and to all of you for your trust in FIS and what its brings to your children. First and foremost, I am grateful to students, from early years to high school, for making me feel welcome and part of their daily life at the school.

I wish you all a wonderful summer and a bright future at the school. I leave with a deep confidence in my successors’ ability to carry the flame. FIS is truly a unique place, a crown jewel in the constellation of international schools. I am, now more than ever, like all of you and forever, #ProudTeBeFIS.

Dr. Emmanuel Bonin
Chef d’Etablissement | Head of School