Report on 24th June Board Meeting

Issue 69: 28/6/2024 Strategic Objective:

The Board of Directors of FIS met for its ninth and final session of the year on Monday the 24th of June. In our commitment to United and Sound Governance, here is a summary of the information that was discussed, considered, and voted.

Our Members assembled at our Blue Pool Road Campus in the 3rd floor Library.

The board welcomed our Interim head of school Mr. Joel Peinado, who joined the meeting remotely. Additionally, the Board once again welcomed its Member Elect –  Mr Gilles Marino as a guest observer.  His appointment will begin September 1st.

The Board then conducted a vote to approve an update of the school terms and conditions with an accommodation for FISCA Fee collection.

Afterwards, members of the Board attended a presentation of the compensation, benefits and performance evaluation review.  Continuing our commitment to our core value of collaboration they were joined by guest members from the committee and their committee co-chairs who presented a summary update for review. Head of School, Dr. Emmanuel Bonin joined to summarise and to provide for a time of Q and A.

Following this, our Director of Marketing Communication, Mr. Samuel Bleakly presented an update on the status of the various marketing and communication initiatives and a strategic plan aligning to the school’s strategic vision for the 24-25 school year.

Before the close of the meeting, the chairman of the Board of Directors, delivered remarks expressing gratitude for our departing FIS members; Chief Human Resource officer, M. Gabrielle Badoy, departing Board Members, Mr. Dan Healy, Mr. Thierry Chesnais, and departing Head of School Dr. Emmanuel Bonin who joined us for their Final Meeting.

The Board will take a summer hiatus and meet again after the start of the new school year in September 2024.

Board Chair