Beach cleaning outing with the 6A and 6B

Issue 69: 28/6/2024 Strategic Objective: Blue Pool Road News (Reflections and Achievements) 6ème

Before enjoying their well-earned holidays, our students from Classes 6A and 6B went on Tuesday 28th June morning to Stanley (Hong Kong Island) to clean Stanley Back Beach.

This outing was organised with the support of Clean Shorelines, an interdepartmental working group of the Hong Kong government working on marine environment management.

The 2 classes, comprising 39 students, 1 parent chaperone, 2 PE teachers and 2 teaching assistants, worked in teams to collect waste and debris (which were plentiful) and gather data that will be transmitted to International Coastal Cleanup (Ocean Conservancy).

Raising awareness among the younger generation about ocean protection, and plastic pollution in particular, is an integral part of the sustainable development goals supported by the French International School.

Aline Duhem Adamoff
AED (Secondaire)