Frequently Asked Questions

  • Finance Are scholarships available at FIS?

    Several financial supports exist at FIS:
    For the French stream
    – French government scholarships

    For the international stream
    – Five corporate debentures taken over by the Thierry Dubois family,
    – Two merit scholarships for students entering Year 12.
    You will find more details on the page Admissions > Scholarships (link).

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  • Finance I have four children, can I expect a discount?

    A 10% discount on tuition fees is granted for your third child enrolled at FIS, and a 15% discount for your fourth child and following children.

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  • Admission My child holds a HK passport only, can he/she access all campuses?

    FIS welcomes HK passport holders but alike all other international schools, we must comply with the quotas imposed by the Education Bureau and Immigration Department.

    However please note that our quota is stricter on our TKO campus, we may not be able to offer a place for this campus despite having passed the entrance assessment. At this stage, you may be offered to join our JL campus instead.

    Should your child hold any other passport, please make sure you submit it at the time of the application or contact our Admissions team directly.

  • Admission Does FIS follow a specific Admissions calendar?

    Your application is welcomed all year long.
    When approaching the school year you applied for, we will contact you and share with you the next steps of your child’s application.

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  • Admission What are my child’s chances of being enrolled at FIS?

    Chances to join FIS vary across our streams and year groups as well as from one academic year to the next.

    We accept applications all year-round and should a place become available, we contact the applicant first on the waiting list for the respective year group.

    As availability depends on our departing students, we cannot guarantee a fixed number of available places each year but we observe higher chances to join us at Reception Year and on Secondary in International Stream, at Moyenne Section in the French Stream.

  • About FIS How is FIS linked to the French National Education?

    FIS has signed an agreement, the “Convention”, with the French Agence pour l’Enseignement Français à l’Etranger (AEFE – Agency for French Education Abroad), which is under the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    The AEFE itself received a delegation from the French National Education ministry to grant its certification to selected schools abroad. This certification guarantees that the French curriculum is taught in conformity with the National Education instructions, allows the school to present students to the national examinations (“Brevet” & “Baccalauréat”) and validates all school decisions regarding students’ university guidance.

  • About FIS Is FIS a private school?

    Yes, FIS is a private institution. The school is owned and managed by a non-profit organisation (the “French International School Victor Segalen Association Limited”) which is a Hong Kong Limited Company with a charity status. The association is the employer of all local staffs and is responsible for all legal and regulatory matters. All debenture holders are members of the Association.

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